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Not only is insulation a great way to keep the air in your home cool during summer, but it also helps to stay warm during winter. It’s also a great way to save money on your energy bill.

At Bosk Corporation, we always take the necessary precautions and use the right foam to take care of the job without damaging the structural integrity of old buildings.

What Is Spray Foam?

Spray polyurethane foam is a spray-applied plastic that forms a continuous insulation and air sealing barrier that can be applied on roofs, walls, and corners. The foam is made by mixing various liquid components. When mixed, the liquids react and expand on contact. The foam then seals the gaps and insulates.

Efficient Spray Foam Insulations

Spray urethane foam insulation fits in any size, shape, or space, effectively stopping all air leaks. Its closed cell structure also provides excellent barriers against outdoor noise pollution. It can be sprayed in a variety of places such as tanks, vessels, and commercial areas to create more energy-efficient environments and industrial buildings.

We also apply open cell foam insulation. This type of foam is suitable for low-cost applications.
Spray in Place Insulation

Spray Urethane Foam is Ideal For:

  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Railcars
  • Walls and ceilings

Benefits You Can Count On!

  • Stops air infiltration – minimizes air flow and better humidity control
  • Can be used in a "hybrid" system to increase effectiveness of traditional insulation
  • Moisture resistant – stops moisture driven elements
  • Spray applied – insulates areas that are hard to reach and provides a seamless layer of insulation
  • Adhesion – adheres to the surface and does not need fasteners to hold in place
*Foam requires a 15 minute thermal barrier in occupied areas
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